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3 Reasons Your Freelance Business Needs Divi

The Divi Builder is intuitive, easy to use and perfect for beginners. With a little training, it’s easy to create gorgeous layouts in no time at all. This makes Divi the perfect choice for the WordPress end-user who wants to get their site up and running fast.

But where does this leave the Freelancer? If Divi is so easy to use why would a client be willing to outsource the project?

1.Time Equals Money


Running a small business is hard work, and often it’s just not possible to dedicate the time to a web project.

Even if a client is entirely capable of creating a website, they understand the basic economics – the cost of their time is greater than the cost of hiring a freelance.

Although this might sound too good to be true, it’s amazing how many times I’ve listened to a client say “I could do it…but I just don’t have the time”.

Positioning yourself as trustworthy, responsible and competent is often all it takes to make money with Divi.

2. The Divi Fan Club


Divi 3.0 launched with great fanfare and continues to be promoted through affiliates, paid advertising and many other promotional methods. In short, it has been plastered across the web.

Before choosing a platform, or hiring a freelancer, many potential clients spend time researching the different technologies available.

Much in the same way that WordPress is regarded as the de facto platform for small business websites, Divi is becoming one of the most highly sought after themes.

The number one reason is, of course, the ‘visual builder’ which gives the client a feeling of control unrivaled by other platforms.

In fact, we have been pleasantly surprised that end-clients specifically seek out Divi designers and developers through many of the Divi Facebook Groups.

So, the simple reality is many clients will be attracted to your services just because you specialize in Divi-based designs.

3. Knowing just a ‘little more’ than the average user


A quick search on any one of the Divi Facebook Groups will reveal a simple truth:

99% of ALL questions regarding Divi involve CSS

This fact creates a HUGE opportunity for Divi professionals.

Many end-users purchase Divi and attempt to build out their website with the complete faith it is ‘all they need’ to create a beautiful website.

And, while this is ‘almost’ correct, the majority of users get stuck with the last 10%.

They just need to align their columns properly, or they just need to add a little padding around a button, or they just need to stretch a background image.

All of this can be done of course, and it’s not hard to do, but it requires one thing they don’t have and are not willing to learn:

CSS Skills

By understanding the basics of CSS and how that applies in a Divi context, you will set yourself apart from the 99% and make your skills highly valuable to hundreds of thousands of potential clients.

And the best thing is (and this is a secret I hope you don’t share)….CSS is EASY to learn. You DO NOT need to become some whizz-kid coder.

With just a basic phrase book of CSS essentials, your technical prowess will make you seem like a coding genius to end-users and potential clients.

The power, simplicity, and popularity of Divi has created enormous opportunity for freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs. By capitalizing on the three factors mentioned in this article; Time, Popularity and Knowledge, you will have all it takes to become successful and make money with Divi.

Luke Stacey is a blogger, entrepreneur, and business coach specializing in online software and content platforms.