This Course Will Teach You To Earn More Money, In Less Time, Without Needing To Code

Do You Love WordPress…But Aren’t Sure What To Sell?

No Clients?

Learn where to find a niche audience and quickly convert new prospects into paying clients.

No Revenue?

Focus 100% on how to become profitable as quickly as possible without wasting time on theory.

No Problem!

Achieve your goal of selling a profitable WordPress website solution to many people.


Build ONE WordPress website solution and sell it many times

Week 1 – Create A Sandbox System

GOAL – Gather everything you need to build and demonstrate your WordPress Solution

Week 3 – Build Your WordPress Solution

GOAL – Create a WordPress “TV Dinner” that solves the pain points experienced by your niche audience

Week 2 – Choose & Research Your Market

GOAL – Understand the common pain points that you can solve for your niche audience

Week 4- Market & Sell Your WordPress Solution

GOAL – Sell your WordPress “TV Dinner” to the prospects you’ve identified within your niche audience 

Ready To Make Money With WordPress?


Ever wonder why some people have a never-ending flow of awesome customers, while others can’t find anyone to pay?

The Problem:

In 2008 the US economy had hit rock-bottom. After more than 25 years in the Real Estate business, I had to start over.

Going Back To Basics

I spent every waking moment searching for a way to quickly generate cash flow. I soon realized that all my previously successful businesses shared a common element.

People Will Pay For Pain Relief

All of my satisfied clients shared the same trait: I simply asked them what business pains they had, and then solved these with a WordPress website

You Can Be A Super Hero!

Instead of wasting time being a “designer” or “developer”, your most profitable opportunity is being a “Super Hero” to people who also have pain that YOU can solve with WordPress!


Have used our training to succeed. Here’s what a few have to say.

Love it, love it! Thank you Spence, you are AMAZING! I’m so glad I signed up for this, thanks again! oxo

Priscilla Biju Then

The biggest thing you did for me was boost my confidence. While I’m confident on the technical side and building everything I had no idea how to approach communicating with customers.

Marc Hewitt

AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! I’m blown away with how good this is. Thank you so much Spence. You’re simply the best!!

Kathy Tarochione


What happens after I purchase?

Within minutes of submitting your order, you will receive an email confirmation. It will include your course access credentials. You can use these to access all course materials from any device at your convenience.

How is this course different?

We don’t believe you should waste time designing or coding custom WordPress solutions. Instead, you will learn to build one solution you can sell over and over to a particular niche.

What if I already have paying clients?

If you were otherwise satisfied with your WordPress business, it’s not likely that you’d be reading this! We show you a completely unique system. After all, can anyone have too many clients?

Why don’t I need to learn to code?

The Four Week Academy teaches you how to identify and solve pain points by assembling existing WordPress features instead of “reinventing” things from scratch.

To: WordPress Entrepreneurs
From: Spencer Forman
Re: How To Make Money With WordPress

Hi, it’s Spence from!

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life.

But in the last ten years, I’ve been primarily making money with WordPress.

In that time, I’ve perfected a system that generates thousands of dollars from every new client with no custom design or coding required.

This system requires less than one hour of my time for every new client that pays me $3000 or more.

So what’s my secret?

It’s quite simple really… and as I just mentioned,  it doesn’t require me to create unique designs for every person or develop complex code, themes or plugins.

Instead, I simply focus on one thing that gets me paid every time.

Discovering common pain points that I can solve by selling ONE WordPress website to many people

I share the complete details of my system in the Four Week Academy course, but let me give you a sneak peek of how I earn thousands of dollars per hour with WordPress.

I always start with what I call a “sandbox site”. This makes it easy for me to invent, demonstrate and launch my new WordPress solutions in minutes. Creating what I call  “WordPress TV Dinners”… just heat and eat!

By avoiding any custom design or coding, I can build ONE solution that I sell to everyone. Like Henry Ford said…”they can have any color car they want, as long as it’s black”.

Next I explore my hobbies and interests looking for any people in that space who are doing things wrong.

I’ve developed a couple of methods that I use to match up the pain points I discover to the WordPress features I already have available in my sandbox site.

Then I hire someone on Fiverr to gather a list of prospects. These are people who are likely experiencing the very pain points I believe I can solve with my sandbox site.

I use my proven email sequence, that gets a 95%+ open rate, and invite these prospects to have a conversation about themselves and their businesses. After all…who can resist talking about themselves?

The notes from my conversations reveal the benefits and features that I then market and sell in my solution.

The very same prospects who validated why they needed my solution, become the first buyers.

If there is any resistance to saying “yes”, I just use one of my tested tactics from the Four Week Academy.

I close every sale by taking payment up front, online, and deliver the site promptly.

My system is easy enough for anyone to learn. In fact, nearly 20,000 students have used my training to succeed financially with WordPress.

If you’re interested in Making Money With WordPress, you should try creating one website solution you sell over and over to a niche audience.

If you want the details on how to do that, check out our Four Week Academy today!



Ready To Make Money With WordPress?