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Increase Your Sales ROI With Gmail Templates

In 2015, the average US worker spent over six hours every single day checking and writing emails. We write emails for prospecting, scheduling, following up, networking and find ourselves endlessly clicking ‘unsubscribe’ to all of those lists we find joined.

If you find yourself writing the same type of email over and over again, you should consider setting up Gmail Templates (aka ‘Canned Responses’). They take only a few seconds to create and can boost your productivity tenfold.Furthermore, if you are prospecting or asking for referrals using email templates that work can have an enormous impact on your success.

In this article, we look at how to get started with ‘Canned Responses’ and use them for lucrative email templates.

Step 1: Enable Canned Responses

Click on the gear icon in Gmail and navigate to ‘Settings.’

Choose the menu item that says ‘Labs.’

In the search box type ‘canned responses’ and choose ‘enable.’

Step 2: Create a Save a Canned Response

Create a new email by clicking on ‘Compose.’ Then, type the email you would like to save as a template. Save it as a canned response by clicking on the down-pointing arrow and choosing ‘New Canned Response.’ Finally, give you email template a name for future reference.


Step 3: Insert Your Template Into a New Email

Click on the down-pointing arrow and choose ‘Canned Responses.’ and select the name of the template you just created. Done and done!

Creating canned responses in Gmail can be done in a few clicks but writing templates that convert requires experimentation. Always consider who you are writing to and how you can help them before you ask for anything. The more you try, the better you will get, and the ‘golden nuggets’ can quickly be saved and re-used with a single click.

Cold Email can be extremely effective in building business opportunities if its done in the right way. With the proper training, you’ll be amazed at how many people respond to personal yet unsolicited email.

When I started freelancing several years ago, I built my entire business on cold email with strangers from thousands of miles away. If you would like to learn more about this surprisingly beneficial strategy reach out today:

Luke Stacey is a blogger, entrepreneur, and business coach specializing in online software and content platforms.