What Pain Points Does It Solve?

This plugin makes it easy to provide the necessary tax and record keeping documentation to any customer who orders from your WooCommerce shop.

Who Should Consider Using This Extension?

  • Anyone who operates a WooCommerce shop
  • Anyone that needs to provide sales documentation to customers

Why Is This Plugin Unique?

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices extension eliminates the complicated coding that would otherwise be required to make report data available in .pdf format for customers. Normally WC only provides this information in html format via email.

Getting Started

  • You will need a copy of this plugin
  • You will need a WordPress site with WooCommerce installed

Installing the Plugin

  • Install the plugin using the WordPress plugin installer and activate with one click
  • Alternatively, you can unzip the plugin on your desktop and upload the plugin folder to your WordPress directory in the wp-content/plugins/ directory then activate in your dashboard under Plugins/Installed Plugins/WooCommerce PDF Invoices


Configure The Options:

  • PDF Settings (Choose the following)

    • Go to WooCommerce / PDF Invoice to configure the main options
    • Attach to which emails (New Order, Invoice, Processing, On-Hold)
    • When to create the invoice (Completed, Processing, Pending, On-Hold)
    • Whether to show PDF download link on Thank You Page
    • Paper Size (A4, Letter)
    • Paper orientation (Portrait, Landscape)
    • Whether to display a logo (upload to media library)
    • Whether to use a remote logo (add URL…but not recommended)


  • Business Details

    • Enter Your Company Name
    • Enter Your Company Information
    • Enter the legal registered name of your company (optional)
    • Enter the legal registered office address (optional)
    • Enter the government ID of your company (optional)
    • Enter the tax ID of your company (optional)
    • Full Documentation is here
  • Formatting Details

    • Use sequential number
    • Reset numbering to 1 at start of each year
    • Number of first invoice starts other than on 1
    • Enter a pattern for invoice numbering
    • Add an invoice number prefix (optional)
    • Add an invoice number suffix (optional)
    • Set the invoice file name format for the .pdf file
    • Create invoices for past orders (optional)
    • Add a PDF terms page (optional)
    • Select the PDF creation method (standard or file only)
    • Full Documentation is here
    • Be sure to click Save Options
  • Customizing The PDF Template

    • Full Documentation is here


Using The Plugin:

To test your layout and settings, create a test order and set it to completed.

Once you’ve activated the plugin and completed the setting form in WooCommerce > PDF Invoice, a PDF will be attached to all Paid or Completed Order emails.

In the WooCommerce orders screen you will now have option icons to download or email a PDF for any order.

Customers can receive a PDF invoice via a Download Invoice link on the Thank You page or access copies from their My Orders area.

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