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Make more money, in less time, with WordPress... no coding required!
Build powerful solutions for yourself or paying clients

We Solve Your Pain Points

Whether you are trying to figure out your own solution, or want to earn your livelihood from WordPress, we have the solution you seek on how to:

Locate New Clients - You are surrounded by prospects every day... we show you the way to turn them into paying clients!

Launch New Business Ideas - If you're "stuck" with a jumble of plugins or "easy to build" themes, we'll get you back on track and show you step by step how to do it the right way with our pre-built solutions.

Upselling Client Services - You will learn how to turn a one time sale into a cash-generation machine with multiple upsell options, most of which are completely automated!

Build Streams Of Recurring Revenue - We empower you with the leverage of recurring revenue, and show you how to generate thousands of dollars per month while you sleep.

Become A "Guru" To Your Clients - You will learn to become the person your clients turn to for all their online needs, as well as referring all their friends and business associates.

Earn $3k With Our FREE Three Day Bootcamp

Think Like An Entrepreneur- We teach you to start with your goals and work backwards while building your strategy.

Take The Shortest Path To The Solution- Using the modular nature of our tools and a curated menu of online services.

Maximize The Price Of Your Solutions - By using the value you deliver in time savings or profit, instead of an hourly rate.

Prioritize Your Focus- And realize that you are surrounded by prospective paying customer who don't care what's "under the hood" of your solution.

EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed Financially

Ready To Launch Solutions

Daily QuickTips & Downloads- Over $2k worth of software and materials that you can snap together for instant client solutions & satisfaction

Software Bundle- Create complex e-commerce solutions in minutes with our HUGE selection of premium plugins, available at a discounted price exclusively for our members.

Training & Support

Complete Training System - Optimize your workflow and maximize your cash flow with over 600 video tutorials that teach you to think like an entrepreneur, find new clients, and build powerful solutions with WordPress!

Concierge Support - Never get stuck on a client project again with hands on, personal support you can rely on.

Professional Community - Access to like minded freelancers who help each other instead of competing with each other.

Exclusive Software

LabPages Plugin - Creating custom page designs is easy with LabPages and our modular design workflow. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to deploy custom designs and features.

Responsive Bootstrap Child Theme - Customize, Protect & Sell Responsive Themes. There’s no need to spend hours searching for the right theme when you can do it all with our ‘one-of-a-kind’ child theme.

Rethink Your Path To Success! was born in 2006 as a way for anyone to monetize their online business ideas, with no experience required.

Although our name has evolved several times in the last decade, we’ve maintained the same core principles:

• There is always a better, faster, easier way for clever people to make their livelihood online

• Expensive software, hardware or tools are not required for financial success online

• Clever training and a supportive community like afford anyone the opportunity to succeed

Over 16,532 people have learned to earn with!

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