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What does the VMK (Professional Edition) Include: ($497.00)

The Video Membership Kit – Professional Edition is the most powerful way for you to grow your freelance business into higher levels of income! We’ve included everything you need to create a profitable solution for your freelance clients today, with no compromises, wasted time, or previous experience required.

The VMK Professional Edition includes:

Our detailed 80 page User Manual – Contains step by step instructions on how to locate prospective VMK clients, the psychology of selling them the solution, setting up the solution, getting paid in advance, and building a long-term recurring revenue from

Chapter Summary Videos – In order to ensure your success, we’ve created short synopsis videos that highlight the key points from each chapter of the VMK User Manual. These videos illustrate working examples, on screen, in an easy and fun way!

Our Custom VMK Child & Parent Themes – These are the same Responsive themes contained in our Full VMK, ready for you to install and configure for an unlimited number of clients. No additional fees or payments required!

Detailed Setup and Configuration Videos – Over Two Hours of detailed instruction that cover every aspect of the VMK User Manual. We also cover the configuration of your client’s sales subscription payment and gateway mechanism, so there is nothing left to chance.

Our Unique “QuickLaunch” Bundle – This is the KEY to YOUR success!
In just under one minute, you will be able to install and begin configuring a FULLY SETUP Membership Site, with all of the plugins, option, and style elements you need. More than 95% of your job is done for you…leaving you only 5% to complete, for a site you will sell for 100% of the profit!

Our Full Software Bundle – Contains more than $1500 worth of retail plugins and extensions that you will use for configuring your client’s VMK solutions. We provide full support for all of this open source software, and show you how to optimize it for use in a variety of popular client configurations. The bundle is updated every Friday, so you are never without the latest version.

This is chapter one (free preview)

This is chapter two (free preview)

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Hi, I'm Spencer Forman ... "The Evil Genius". My passion lies with providing incredible software, practical advice, and hands-on solutions for freelance web designers who may be struggling with the mechanics of how to monetize their talents. Most of you are stuck in a rut because you are focusing on the wrong strategy for getting your freelance business off the ground. We will fix that within 3 days!

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