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"Ok...couldn't wait to get home and post this. I got my first $600 check today (installment 1 of 2) for a site and it was from using the SIMPLE steps in the bootcamp!!! BOOYAH. I think this is going to be a simple project with a nice turn around time and I can't wait to have the client tell her friends and customers how easy it is to work with me. Keep you all posted. Thanks again."
"My freelance business was in the negative. Within about 14 days I totally turned my business around from the negative into the positive. I now create Responsive WordPress sites where I charge upwards of six to seven thousand dollars for some VERY happy clients. I can't thank you enough for helping me with your straight-forward strategies and customer-focused techniques!"

Hi, I'm Dainis Graveris. At I've made it my mission to help millions of people like you to develop their freelance web design skills.

Now, after two years of development, I'm sharing the most valuable techniques and strategies for locating paying customers and earning more money as a freelance web designer than you've ever believed possible.

My team of experts has created a comprehensive training system that makes it easy to get started immediately to find three clients in three days and earn your first three hundred dollars!


Hi, I'm Spencer Forman ... "The Evil Genius".

My passion lies with providing incredible software, practical advice, and hands-on solutions for freelance web designers who may be struggling with the mechanics of how to monetize their talents.

Most of you are stuck in a rut because you are focusing on the wrong strategy for getting your freelance business off the ground. We will fix that within 3 days!

Come with me on this quest for treasure as I show you everything I know about becoming a successful freelancer.

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