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All of the tools, training and community support you need to earn your livelihood as a freelance web designer with WordPress.


Our Software Bundle provides more than $16,000+ of premium plugins & themes so you can assemble any or all of our WordPress Solutions!


More than 300 video tutorials that teach you to think like an entrepreneur, find new clients, and build powerful solutions with WordPress!


You have thousands of other freelance designers, experts and mentors in our Support Forums, Mastermind Hangouts and Private Skype Group!

How It Works

Your path to freelance success with


Our training system has been hand-crafted over the last three years to be the ONLY resource you need to succeed financially with WordPress.

Based on more than thirty years of entrepreneurial and freelance experience, we’ve put together the “perfect” mix of training, tools, motivation and support, for anyone of any experience level.

We know where you are now, because we’ve been there ourselves! All that we provide at has been created for our own use, and tested extensively on thousands of live clients. Nothing has been left to chance.

In fact, more than 10,000 hours of testing have gone into making our system the ideal foundation for everyone from beginners to experts. The secret is in the “modular” nature of all the components. Much like the famous Lego(™) blocks that can be used by children as young as four, yet also used by adults to build “life size” creations that move, the magic comes from each individual part being compatible with all others.

Similarly, every part of our system is designed to be universal with all other parts, and also with WordPress in general. This means that you can start selling “solutions” from day one, even if you have no prior experience...yet continue to add to your skill set as you go. We call this “learn while you earn!”.


Are you a designer, developer, or an end-user who is “curious” about using WordPress?

Whether you want to build solutions for paying clients or simply for are in the right place!

Since all of our components and training are modular, you can find exactly what you want at any time, whether it be a quick “fix” or a complete solution...without wading through hours of meaningless training about useless skills.

We believe that you should be able to take “small bites” of anything that interests you, or that a client may want to pay you to deliver, TODAY… without having to waste time or energy on something that has no immediate value.

In sum: Our biggest value to you is the “curation” of “information”...this prevents you from wasting the ONE thing in life you can never get back. Your Time.


We do something unique from all of the other “learn to code” or “designer training” websites.

Our modular system ensures that, regardless of your experience, you can actually MAKE MONEY TODAY from your WordPress solutions!

Whether it be for a client or for your own business, we guarantee that you can have a fully functional and powerful WordPress solution in a matter of minutes...even if you previously had “no clue” how to build websites.

But it’s more than merely a “blog” or publishing solutions. We provide you a way to “snap on” powerful features such as Membership, E-commerce, Support Forums, Social Networking, Video, and much more!

Because we also show you how to host it yourself and add valuable “up-sells” such as mailing list integration, security, SEO, and automation… you can rest assured that anything you build today can be expanded into an even more valuable and powerful solution going forward.

If you are building this for a client, we provide you all of the marketing and sales strategy, psychology, and even email scripts to use in pricing your solutions and services for one time transactions and recurring revenue.

There is literally “nothing left to chance” when using!

Even more value though than our YOUR RELATIONSHIP with our community

If at any time you need moral support, a friend to share a quick chat with about a problem with your business or something you are building, or just the community of similar minded folks… you have

Our live chat, community forums, weekly hangouts and webinars every Wednesday and Friday, and thousands of other members are always available to you with just a click... you are NEVER ALONE with!


WordPress is the content management system upon which we’ve built all of our training, software, tools and community. Have you heard of it before? It is THE most popular CMS in the world and in use by more than 80 million users. That’s over one third of all websites on the Internet!!

When used with our training and accessories, WordPress is the “Rosetta Stone” that makes it possible to create and deliver solutions of all one easy-to-use interface.

Think about how the simple USB cable made it possible for people around the world to “finally” have a universal connector to attach all the myriad of devices that we are sprouting daily. Before USB, one had to have (literally) dozens and dozens of specialized cables or connectors to charge or exchange data between machines. By using ONE global connector… a revolution in technology was free to blossom.

Similarly, WordPress is open source software. The code may be accessed, studied, modified, reused, and accessed by ANYONE… for FREE. This is what made it grow exponentially into such a large user-base.

But with this freedom came a problem. Since all of the typical themes and plugins for WordPress are not designed to work as a “system”..... there are often conflicts. What one developer or coder creates may not be compatible with another to some degree.

Likewise, some theme authors create “all in one” themes that seem great at first...but then “lock in” the user to that theme forever, because otherwise all of the data stored in a proprietary manner would be unavailable in another theme.

We avoid any “lock in” problem at by following two very simple rules:

  1. All of our training and solutions can be replicated by anyone today...with no experience required

  2. All of our software and accessories must be 100% compatible with any other WordPress component

Just as with the USB connector, or Lego(™) blocks, our system provides you FREEDOM through SIMPLICITY. We show you how to get to the money or solution directly… instead of becoming enamored with toys and gimmicks.


Unlike other design or code “training” courses online, we take a completely different approach. At, we teach you to think like an Entrepreneur FIRST. That is to say, we teach to to focus on two important goals from day one:

  1. Adjusting your focus to see all the business opportunity that surrounds you every day!

  2. To take the shortest path to the money while you build lasting business relationships

Though these concepts may appear obvious to anyone when printed in black and white, they are unfortunately never even considered as part of most technical training for freelancers or end-users of a particular software product.

How could anyone claim to teach you something “valuable” without first STARTING with WHY it is important to know, and HOW you will use the information to generate a profit?

When you follow the training system, outlined below, you start with our THREE DAY BOOTCAMP. This is both a primer as well as a set of guidelines to be used throughout your entrepreneurial journey. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to find new clients and build long-lasting profitable relationships.

If you are lacking in confidence, we provide you both the motivation as well as the tangible communication skills that you need to convert people you already know into paying clients. We also teach you how to make yourself into a “super hero” in their eyes, so that they become your biggest promoters and the source for additional paying clients.

It comes as as surprise to many of our successful graduates that they literally were able to find paying clients within their first three days of using the Bootcamp Training, when previously they felt as if they had been shouting into an empty well. What was the difference? FOCUS.

We show you that the types of “pain points” that you will solve for clients are not as hard as you believe. In fact, they are as basic as being the friendly neighbor who comes over with a plunger in hand to rescue someone with a flooding bathroom “situation”. The simple act of being available, and knowing how to “plunge”, forms the basis for trust and conversation. This is where the payoff lies… in RELATIONSHIPS.

Similarly, in our THREE DAY BOOTCAMP , we teach you that your new clients are NOT experts! No no no no…! In fact, they are actually NEOPHYTES who need someone with just basic “plunging” capability to come and rescue them from their own online “flood”.

Whether they’ve wasted time and energy with a custom developer from an unknown land… or tried out WordPress themselves and now need to fix a few rough edges, either way they are NOT interested in becoming WordPress experts. They want YOU to be their GURU!

The good news for you is… being a “guru” does not mean that you have to have any previous experience! No indeed. It only means that you know “where and how to plunge”.


Although you may be surprised to learn, the thing that you will be selling is a TRUSTED RELATIONSHIP. In other words, you will be making it clear to the prospective client that you are the person whom they can trust to solve their website pain points, whether large or small.

In practical terms, this starts with you using our proven methods to either “push” or “pull” your way to a new client by way of a one page WordPress solution.

To “pull” your way to a new client, we teach you to seek out one of five common “pain points” from those seeking help on the forums and elsewhere, and then use your free (yes FREE) help as the starting point for building trust and then offering a paid solution. This paid solution is often a “push” technique itself.

To “push” your way to a new client, we teach you how to ask friends, family, and even complete strangers throughout your day to identify key attributes that would make them candidates for a one page WordPress solution or more.

Whether they be individuals who have not secured their own personal domain name, or business owners who have not implemented an efficient landing page for collecting prospects, you have an endless supply of potential clients surrounding you every day… you just may not realize it yet!

Your first clients will earn you between $100 to $300 minimum with our pull method, and between $300 and $3600 with our push method. With NO CODING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

The “secret” is that you will be using our proprietary QuickLaunch, LabPages and LabGenerator systems to build and deliver solutions with copy/paste simplicity...rather than hand-coding or old fashioned methods. With, we will never let you forget that your priority is getting to the money quickly...while you build your skill set!


Are you one of the lost souls sitting by the mailbox praying for a check to arrive so that you can pay your own bills? If so, then your salvation has arrived!

We teach you the psychology and systems you need to be paid up-front, in full, and in excess of what you are owed...BEFORE you begin any job!

You will learn:

  1. To ask a prospective client  “the most important question” (hint: it’s about their budget…)

  2. To quote your jobs at 125% of their largest possible value, and still end up looking like a “hero”

  3. To be paid in FULL via credit card or PayPal...before you do even one minute of work

You will discover that clients want you to take charge and tell them your terms. It is no different in business than in personal relationships, where your confidence and willingness to set terms are seen as positive and attractive attributes by prospective clients.

Once you learn how to complete a single transaction, we will move on to teaching you the art of the “up-sell”. This is where your real livelihood resides. Rather than moving from job to job to job, you can build what is known as a “book of business”. This is a list of between 10 and 200 clients who pay you again EVERY MONTH via credit card or PayPal, for services you deliver AUTOMATICALLY.

Recurring revenue services include:

  1. Updates of WordPress plugins, themes, and accessories

  2. Security checks of WordPress sites and hosting

  3. SEO services to optimize Search Engine results

  4. MailChimp newsletter management and content distribution

  5. Client and Content management and housekeeping

When you are done with our training, you will have the confidence and knowldge to approach complete strangers, find their pain, offer a solution, be paid up front before you begin, and then turn that initial transaction into a long-term recurring revenue stream.


In short… NO!

Our entire system is premised on the notion that we can teach anyone, without any prior coding, business or development experience, how to succeed financially with WordPress.

But you must have one thing. And if you do not, then our system is NOT for you.


If you would rather invent reasons why something “would not” work, instead of taking steps to prove that it would work, our system is not for you.

The art of becoming a successful entrepreneur involves a willingness to journey into the unknown...with a definitive goal in mind...and the unshakeable belief that this goal is attainable.

If you have the goal to become financially successful as a freelancer or by building your own business using WordPress, and believe that you will reach that goal with the right tools and training, then yes… is right for you, regardless of any prior experience.


Perhaps the better question is...why “wouldn’t” a client hire you?

Is there something horribly wrong with you? Do you feel that YOU are the most important person in the world to a prospective client?

Or is it just possible that a prospective client REALLY ONLY CARES ABOUT THEIR OWN NEEDS….?

Yes, it’s true! The reason that a client would hire YOU to solve their pain, is the simple fact that it’s not about YOU… it’s about THEM.

Human beings, and prospective clients in particular, are wired to be very ego-centric. We view the world primarily through our own motivations, fears, needs, and wants. This translates directly into how we teach you to succeed with our training.

Rather than focusing at all upon your past experience, past clients, past portfolios, etc…. we instead teach you how to focus exclusively on the prospective client alone!

This not only frees you from the chicken-egg problem of having no portfolio or past clients to use as reference, but also empowers you to use these hard-wired human reaction mechanisms to lead a client into choosing YOU as their “guru”.

You will learn:

  1. The Japanese negotiation tactic of “yes”

  2. The “walkaway” technique

  3. How to “Up-sell” clients for recurring revenue

  4. The “ABN” (always be negotiating) technique for closing a sale

  5. How to price your services for maximum profit


We provide everything you need to make your livelihood using WordPress. Whether building solutions for your clients or creating your own business, we have put it all into one package. Best of all, you can start for FREE today!

Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE -  Visit and browse our library of more than 200 free tutorials and tips designed to increase your knowledge and earning power as a freelance web designer or WordPress end user.

STEP TWO - At the bottom of any QuickTip, or just by visiting you can become a FREE member (compared with being a “visitor”) of and immediately we will reward you with Three Big Benefits:

  1. You will receive access to all of the CODE snippets, BONUS materials, and ACCESS LINKS for all QuickTips. These are not available normally to visitors;

  2. You will receive access to our private DESIGNER TOOLKIT, where we have BONUS TRAINING as well as links to all of powerful resources we use and recommend;

  3. You will be added to our FRIDAY WEBINAR invite list, so that you can access one to two hours of powerful and topical LIVE TRAINING every Friday;

STEP THREE - Try out one of our EXCLUSIVE $7 buck DEALS at

These are special access to select courses from our lesson library to both get you started TODAY with no excuses, but also give you a small “taste” of our training. All of our deals are just $7 bucks, but we teach you how to earn between $300 and $3000 by putting them into action… an amazing return on investing in yourself!

STEP FOUR - Once you’ve achieved your first taste of “success”... it’s time to join our WordPress Training System (WTS)

Our WTS provides everything you need to succeed and will pay for itself with your FIRST CLIENT!

For just $97, you will get FULL ACCESS for one month to the following:

  1. All $16,000 of premium software and themes in our Software Bundle

  2. Our powerful page content and layout builder, LabPages and unlimited ability to generate new modules with LabGenerator.

  3. All Lessons in the Lesson Library

  4. All QuickTips, Code Snippets, Bonus Materials, Access Links

  5. Access to our exclusive Support Forum for 24/7 technical support

  6. Access to our LIVE Wednesday Hangouts and Friday Webinars & hundreds of hours of valuable video archives, transcripts and download bonuses

  7. Access to LIVE HELP day or night via our Support Tab (public) or Intercom (when logged-in)


- Includes our SOFTWARE BUNDLE!

- Includes our LabPages!

- Pause Or Cancel At ANY Time!


Unlimited access to all software
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